I’m passionate about what I do and grateful that I can work as a PR-professional. Because I believe that our mission is to make people understand each other better to avoid misunderstanding and chaos. Supporting our clients – companies and NGOs – to be understood, changing attitude and shaping the perception of the public is not a job. For my colleagues and myself, this is our life. Something that you must do with passion, perseverance and love.

This is why many companies chose to work with us and appreciate the nothing-is-impossible attitude and our promise to be there for them, no matter what. Because they know that finding the agency that breathes with you is like finding a precious gemstone. Like finding an emerald.

Zsofia Lakatos

Founder and CEO of Emerald Public Relations
President of the Hungarian Public Relations Association

What we do

Strategic communication consultancy

Reputation management

Brand building

Investor relations

Marketing communications

Public Affairs

Crisis communication


Digital communication

Personal branding


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