What we do

Strategic communication consultancy

We help our clients to achive their objectives by communicating more effectively with customers, investors, employees, policy-makers, regulators and the wider public. We provide trusted advice on the communications needs of some of Hungary’s and the world's finest companies.

Reputation management

Reputation, whether of an individual or an organization, is an important factor as it influences the way people look at the person or organization. Our goal is to achieve an effective management of our client’s reputation to success through planning, research, adaptation and innovation.

Brand building

As we strive to push the boundaries with our activities in this fast digital environment, we need to ensure that we maintain our client’s fundamentals of brand building for long term success. Branding is about the company’s social engagement, customer services, sales process, the employees and everything in between and by considering the online environment and changing user behaviors we develop an efficient long term branding strategy.

Investor relations

Listed companies and those planning an IPO must take special care of their owners and future investors. Investor relations provides strong reputation management on capital markets supporting successful financial performance.

Marketing communications

We support brands with Public Relations to maximize trust from consumers secure a healthy interaction and maximize sales results. Through integrated PR and marketing campaigns and with the help of our partner agencies, we reach the desired results for any brand we believe in.

Public Affairs

Via public affairs communications we focus on building and managing long-term stakeholder relationships that are based on trust. We help our clients navigate their institutional relationships, engage constructively in policy discussions and build meaningful public/private partnerships to drive their solutions for the most important societal issues.

Crisis communication

One of the most important thing during a crisis situation is to minimize risk and exposure and manage reputation. As a powerful ally the media can be in the promotion of your business, it can be equally or more damaging when events turn against you. Crisis situations require an entirely different, proactive and hyper-vigilant approach to audience relations.Today’s instant news cycle, propelled by social media, means that a swift and solid response is more critical than ever before.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a leadership model, a commitment from companies to take social and environmental issues as important as financial ones. Based on the Triple-bottom line model, we provide Sustainability consultancy and CSR-branding services to clients. Because it is not enough to be good, you have to look good as well.

Digital communication

We understand and know the power of the social media and digital platforms. We give advice, create strategies and create content for the digital world. Via the most popular and effective digital tools we help our clients tell their story, and establishconnection with their consumers and stakeholders.

Personal branding

Personal branding is all about what makes you uniquely “you” and sets you apart from the crowd.We help our clientsbuild their professional brand, develop and strengthen their image and reach a solid positive reputation.